Exterior Products

Argeton, PIZ Cladding System, Thermocromex, Arc, Gentas, ATP

ExteriorsRainscreen Facade System in solid core phenolic panels in metallic, solid colors, wood grains and textures.
Starting at $20.00 s/f installed.

Terra-cotta panels and aluminum frame systems, especially good for "out insulation" and projected facades by Argeton.
Starting at $45.00 s/f installed.

Fiber reinforced cement panels with pre-attached insulation up to 4" thick on concealed aluminum attachment system by PIZ. Tiles are available in many grooved patterns, colors & textures addressing high insulation "Green" building codes, ease of panel and insulation combination attachments, large size format up to 2'x4', impact resistant, self cleaning surface, all at the price of a good brick job installed.

Rainscreen Facade Systems utilizing fiberglass reinforced cement panels.
Starting at $30.00 s/f installed.

ExteriorsColumns & Cornices in fiberglass reinforced cement.
Starting at $400.00 each installed.

Aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized column covers and elements.
Starting at $500.00 each installed.

Metal fabrics and mesh for exterior architectural and design uses.
Starting at $30.00 s/f installed.

Thermocromex™ is a remarkable one-coat exterior limestone finish that delivers the beautiful look and permanent durability of natural stone. At a cost comparable to EIFS or stucco finishes, and when applied properly, is proven not to shrink or crack, for a durable and long-lasting finish that never needs recoloring.
Starting at $10.00 s/f installed.

ExteriorsHighly innovative maintenance free exterior fašade and trim solutions to all sectors of the building industry in pre-finished aluminum by ATP.

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